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In the last few years we have witnessed the emergence of the Flashprepper. They travel like the backpacker but have a more disposable income. They travel with electronics such as SLR camera, IPod, IPad, laptop, tablet, smart phone or IPhone. The Flashprepper also demand better accommodations and amenities. Their neither a backpacker nor tourist, they carry a backpack but stay in the better hotels.
The Flashprepper is similar to the Flashpacker with a few major differences. The Flashprepper travels with a Flashbag which is a backpack that includes emergency prepper survival gear and specialty electronics. The Flashprepper is any age. They have no intention of bugging out to a ditch, field or tree house, and eating bugs, worm’s, plants or road kill is not an option. The Flashprepper will simply move to an area not affected by a disaster or bug in “Shelter in Place” during a crisis. The Flashprepper is the person with the generator, solar power, water filters, and year supply of food.
Shawn Dutton

    Interview with Thornton Barnes former military intelligence officer and CIA operative at Groom Lake and Jackass Flats. Barnes book on EMP attack and nuclear winter is amazing.
    This is one of the best Interviews on EMP preparedness and survival you will ever hear. Forward is presented by Family Preparedness Expert Shawn Dutton.
You can order the book here.
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The Ultimate Flashprepper Gear
We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new product line of highly-secure, professional RFID Blocking HackShield Messenger Bag, HackShield Backpack and HackShield Wallet. These one-of-a-kind bags feature radio frequency blocking and anti-theft access security to safeguard electronic devices and personal data.
• Prevents tracking of your location
• Keeps your personal data private by preventing your laptop and tablet from being attacked 
• Stops your equipment from talking to the cloud without your knowledge
Be Invisible to Hackers
RFID blocking prevents your equipment from talking to the cloud without your knowledge while also keeping your location from being tracked. It’s like having your own personal faraday cage.
Look Sharp
HackShield Wallet has a sleek, minimalistic design for those who want to protect themselves in style. Features including easy-access card slots, clear ID card holder and separate bill pocket.
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Shawn Dutton
Shawn Dutton      Shawn Dutton
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Writer, Speaker, Affiliate: Emergency Family Preparedness EXPERT
The sequel continues to Thornton Barnes EMP series.

Now you can get an understanding of what to expect 4 years after an EMP attack when underground communities start to emerge from their bunkers and rebuild the planets infrastructure.

Hackers are manipulating weather radar to trick out the communities to stay underground in the dawn of World War Four, Five and Six. Preinvasion tactics and deep cover moles jeopardize the planets future
Shawn's understanding of Emergency Preparedness is "Visionary." His candid openness and genuine tactics are what's really needed in an emergency. 1 in a 100 million people have this gift or insight to how realistic events will happen in the future.