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Niteize night lighting products
Shawn Dutton 6/24/15

I was recently sent a NITEIZE “NITE DAWG” led light-up dog collar (medium 13” to 18”). It’s by far one of the best prepper products on the market for pets. All service dogs should be wearing these LED collars at night. Their advertised for dogs but their well-made and can be used for just about any outside activity.

During tornadoes, and hurricanes we have all seen the dozens of dogs missing, abandoned, lost, and separated from their owners. Many times the dog is still in the neighborhood and just hard to locate in the debris. With these waterproof collars and LED technology the dog can be seen up to 1,000 feet away. 

The collar is not just limited to dogs as we mentioned earlier. The NITEIZE Nite Dawg 13” to 18” collar can easily be attached to children’s belts, backpacks, and bikes.

NiteIze offers a wide variety of lighting products. I was impressed with the Nite Dawg and I’ll be ordering more products from NiteIze.


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