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Spectrum Warfare
Includes traditional (EW) Electronic Warfare, Information Warfare, Optical Warfare, Navigation Warfare, Acoustic Warfare, and Cyberwarfare (Cyber Warfare). Spectrum Warfare reaches deep under sea to deep space technology. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the Electromagnetic Spectrum and how weapons and counter measures are used within the spectrum including psychological warfare (PSYOPS).

Some key technology can be easily manipulated such as navigation, weather, Internet, television, radio, communications, sound and sight. Wireless technology and surveillance countermeasures must be part of everyday (OPSEC) Operational Security.

One of the number one obstacles of OPSEC is identifying your adversaries (enemy). It’s not just terrorist and terrorism but also political, religious, activist, hackers, schools, criminals, hospitals, stalkers, marketers, salesman, and government and private security and law enforcement  agencies that attack your privacy. Your privacy includes health records, financial records, phone conversations, emails, religious, and political beliefs.

Asymmetrical Warfare, unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, urban warfare (UO), insurgency, counterinsurgency, terrorism and counterterrorism, using tools such as oil, water, food and disease by adversaries should also be addressed in OPSEC. Many people have addressed some of these threats by storing foods and water or creating survival gardens. People also have pandemic preparedness supplies and(NBC)nuclear, biological,chemical plans such as shelter in place.

Many government security experts have addressed an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulses) attack as being one of the most devastating attacks that can occur in the USA. Experts are estimating a fatality rate of about 90% of the total population of the USA within 30 days. Everyone agrees there is about a two week window before “total” anarchy takes place.

Thornton Barnes former CIA special projects (spectrum warfare) has written a three book series on survival of an EMP attack. Book two describes in great detail spectrum warfare. You can order the books here.

Shawn Dutton
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