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The best book you can get on Emergency Family Preparedness

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People always ask "How do "I" get started in preparing or prepping."
   My standard advice is you need to be able to shelter in place for up to three months. Food, Water and supplies like toilet paper etc. 99% of the "go bags" are a waste of time, 99% of the medical kits are a waste of time in fact 99% of all "Preppers" have the wrong supplies needed to survive a disaster. Most first aid kits have barley enough supplies to tend to a paper cut.
    People always say "why don't you write a book." I've published thousands of articles on Family Preparedness and there is only one book on the market that I would recommend to anyone including family on getting started in preparing for disasters and that book is James Stevens "Making the Best of Basics. Without that book your not prepared.
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The CIA recommends this introduction to EMP Attacks and it can be found at the gift shop at Langley.
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How to get started as a Prepper, Flashprepper or Survivalist
Doomsday Crews
The next step in being prepared is setting up a “Doomsday Crew.” Most people meet people online or join a militia or prepper group other people believe their community will pull together during an emergency or disaster. Whatever your plan may be organizing a Doomsday Crew is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.
Some crews seem to think it will be up to them to repopulate the world or help the human race start over after all you don’t activate a Doomsday Crew unless it’s Doomsday. Most of the really big groups are religious radicals with religious radical ideas and beliefs. Other groups are politically motivated and blame political blunders on their own personal short comings in life. In either case I would not want to team up with either group.
Some experts agree that family make the best Doomsday Crews. Blood is thicker than water and all that. Special consideration is needed when working (teaming up) with loved ones especially children and the elderly.
Society has already included community management and most people today are familiar with HOA’s, apartment communities, community pools and parks, schools and so on. There is also those individuals that simply won’t follow the rules or for one reason or another just don’t belong in an organized community. Individuals on “power trips,” or parents that allow their children to bully others or simply have no control over their family members.